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6 Reasons You Should Try Our Better than Buttercream Chocolate Frosting Mix

Casey Archibald

Whipped cream frosting is the new buttercream. At least that’s what we’ve decided since our recently developed, Better than Buttercream Chocolate Frosting mix.

1. It doesn’t fall or melt. We have found that many people tend to choose buttercream frosting over the whipped alternative simply because whipped cream frosting tends to melt and fall before people can sink their teeth into them. That’s exactly why we set out to develop the perfect whipped cream frosting that wouldn’t slip down the cupcake, even at room temperature, but would still taste as scrumptious as it looks. The goal was to stabilize, stabilize, stabilize. The secret is in the meringue powder.

2. It’s really, really easy. Let us worry about the tough part, all you have to do is add two cups of whipped cream to the mix.

3. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  Though we recommend refrigerating any leftovers you might have from our Better than Buttercream Chocolate Frosting mix, the frosting will stay put for hours during a party–you no longer have to worry about your cute cupcakes collecting puddles of whipped cream frosting on top.  You can store leftovers in the refrigerator.  If you need to, you can whip it again.  It doesn’t store well in a pastry bag.

4. Buttercream and cream cheese frosting have their flaws. Our test kitchen baker, Aly, said she thinks our whipped cream frosting is a great alternative to other popular types of frosting. “Not everyone likes buttercream, and cream cheese frosting needs to be refrigerated.”

5. Frosting your dessert is a cinch. Aly suggests waiting until your cupcakes are completely cool to the touch before frosting them. The Better than Buttercream Frosting can be added to the cupcake using a piping bag with any kind of large tip or with a spatula.

6. It is great on more than just cupcakes. Our Better than Buttercream Chocolate Frosting goes great with a variety of treats, including layer cakes and brownies.  It’s essentially chocolate whipped cream so you can add a dollop to desserts.