That’s what folks said about the carrot cake we served last week in our store.  We took a vanilla cake mix and added carrots, nuts, and cinnamon then topped it with a fluffy cream cheese frosting. “Best carrot cake ever.” Nearly everyone took the recipe so that they could make it at home.

So we thought we had better post the recipe so you can have it.

We used our Vanilla Bean Cake Mix.  It’s a cream cake mix with a texture about half way between a pound cake and the light, airy cake mixes you get in the store.  The texture worked perfectly for a carrot cake.  We tried the recipe with a boxed mix from the store.  It was okay but not as good as with the heavier mix.

For the frosting, we took a cream cheese frosting recipe and whipped it to make it light and fluffy.  We liked this much better than the denser traditional cream cheese frosting.

Make this easy carrot cake recipe for your family.