Back to School Snacks, Lunches, and Treats

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We live in a rural community and many kids help on the farm or work for a farmer.  So school starts later, after Labor Day.   And in some school districts, school lets out for two weeks at harvest time.  They might miss a little school but I’m impressed with the work ethic these kids have.  These kids know how to work.

As I write this, I’m aware that some kids are already back in school and moms are concerned about after school snacks and maybe packed lunches for field trips.  We can’t help with Johnny’s homework but maybe we can help with the food.

In this post, you will find:

  • A free e-book with great suggestions for school lunches
  • Suggestions for healthy snacks that your kids will like
  • No-bake cookie recipes with a free baking guide
  • How to Make Back to School Brownies

A Free E-Book:  Back to School Lunches

Debbie, my daughter, wanted a packed lunch all through high school and called the cafeteria lunches “Gross.”  (They weren’t.)  My boys would eat anything but they still needed lunches for field trips.

I always thought lunches were an opportunity to show them that I loved them.  I always included a piece of candy or a treat and a note telling them I cared.

Today, I’m as concerned about keeping the food safe as I am about what goes in the lunch.  This free e-book will help.

Healthy Snacks for the Kids

Breakfast Cookies. 

As I get older, healthy food seems a little more important.   Today, if I were baking snacks for my kids’ lunches or after school, I would lean heavy on breakfast cookies.  Kids will always eat cookies and breakfast cookies are made with whole grains and are much lower in calories.

Granola and Popcorn

I would stir up a batch of granola once a week so that the kids would always have something healthy to nibble on.  It’s not hard to make good granola from scratch.  (See these homemade granola recipes.)  It’s even easier with a mix.  (See our homemade granola mix.)

And candy popcorn is quick to fix once you’ve made it a couple items.  I’m not sure that you can call it healthy but since it’s mostly air, you can get away with giving them less.

No-Bake Cookies

Moms are the busiest people on earth.  Sometimes, you just have to drop back and take the quickest, easiest route.  That would be no-bake cookies.    Get this
e-book and keep it on hand for such items.

How to Make Back-to-School Brownies

If you are going to stick brownies in Susie’s lunch, bake them like cupcakes.  They’re neater and not as messy.  And no one else will have brownie cupcakes.

Jennifer Merrill, our operations manager, decorated these brownies in cupcake liners for us.  She’s made little candy pencils and hearts and textbooks.  And it was easy.

See how to make Jennifer’s Back-to-School Brownies.

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