Learn the Secret of the Brownies!

Plus, “Three Ways to Make Caramel Brownies”


We’re serving caramel brownies in the store.  After tons of tinkering, we settled on three types—the best of the best.

  • Caramel Macaroon Brownies
  • Salted Caramel Brownies
  • Turtle Brownies

Last week a lady from Nevada tried a Caramel Macaroon Brownie and asked, “What was that and how do I make it!”

My sister-in-law tried a turtle brownie and said, “My word!  What was that?”

My son visiting from Minnesota said, “That Salted Caramel Brownie is a killer!”

The Secret of the Brownies

People go crazy over our brownies.  The secret is the caramel topping.  You have to start with a good brownie but the topping makes the brownies irresistible.

You can make caramel and thin it to spreading consistency with cream or you can buy our Salted Caramel Topping.  Buying the topping in a tub is easier.

Learn more about this caramel in a tub. 

If you want to make the caramel from scratch use the caramel recipe for making caramel apples that we use and then thin it to spreading consistency.  You want the caramel on the brownies to be soft, not chewy.  http://www.preparedpantry.com/recipes/How-to-Make-Caramel-Apples-with-Recipes.htm

Three Ways to Make Caramel Brownies

The Salted Caramel Brownies are easy.  Make brownies, layer it with a thick coat of caramel topping and sprinkle it with Pink Himalayan Salt.  Use medium or large crystals.  Don’t put over 1/2 teaspoon of salt crystals on a batch of brownies.

The Turtle Brownies are almost as easy.  Make brownies, layer them with a thick coat of caramel topping, then drizzle the fudge frosting over the caramel (you can use our premade fudge frosting or make your own), and then sprinkle chopped or pecan halves over the top.

The Caramel Macaroon Brownies are a little more complicated.  Here’s how we did it.

  1. We mixed up a batch of Seriously Fudgy Brownies.  We could have used another mix or recipe but this is add-water-only.  It makes a 9 x13-inch pan.
  2. We mixed up a batch of our coconut macaroon cookie batter.  We use a pastry bag to squeeze a third of the coconut batter over the brownie batter.  We squeezed it in diagonal lines across the batter so that every brownie had thick strips of coconut.  We could have used a zipper plastic bag and clipped a corner to squeeze the coconut batter.
  3. Then we baked it.
  4. Once cool, we layered the brownies with caramel.

Making the Caramel Macaroon Brownies requires three components: the brownie mix, the coconut mix, and the caramel topping.  And you have left over coconut batter and caramel.  You can make cookies with the coconut batter or save it for another two batches of brownies since only use one-third per batch of brownies.  But there is a better answer.Sometimes we dressed up the caramel with flakes of coconut or drizzles of

chocolate but that’s not necessary.

We assembled the Caramel Macaroon Brownies into a kit.  You get the brownies, the

right size of coconut mix, and a smaller tub of caramel topping all in one package.

See the Caramel Macaroon Brownies Kit.

See the Tubs of Caramel Frosting

You’ll make killer brownies.