An Easy Weeknight Dessert

I found a recipe in a national magazine for a brownie with caramel sauce.  That sounded good and we decided to try the recipe on Saturday morning but use one of our brownie mixes instead of the “scratch” recipe in the magazine.  We would add a dollop of caramel whipped cream and a caramel sauce to each brownie and serve them to customers in our store.

It didn’t work as planned.  The caramel recipe was too involved for most folks.  We made a caramel sauce instead and some people liked it but others didn’t.  We needed a quick, easy alternative to make this a dessert that people could use on a busy weeknight.  This is what we concluded.

How to Make Easy Caramel Brownie Sundaes

The Brownies.  We love our really moist, gooey brownies but after several; batches we decided that we wanted neater looking cuts to make our desserts more attractive.   We tried partially freezing them to make them firmer and easier to cut in nice clean lines.  That helped but it meant that we had to freeze our brownies for a couple hours before cutting them.

We then used our New York Style Brownie Mix which is more cake-like and easier to cleanly cut.  That made our desserts more attractive.

It’s easier to make nice clean cuts in moist cakes and brownies with a clean, damp blade.  If there is cake sticking to the blade, you have to push the goopy blade through the cake and after a few slices, it looks like the cake or brownies were cut with a chainsaw.  Instead, take a warm, clean damp dish cloth and wipe the blade clean between slices.  Your desserts will be much more attractive.

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