Cold Family Beverages for a Hot Torrid Summer


Where do you turn for relief?

It’s been a hotter than normal summer.  At our house, we’re going through a ton of cold beverages.  I bet you are too.  Let me give you some refreshing suggestions.

Lemonade and Limeade

There is not much better than fresh squeezed lemonade and limeade.  We’ve had a really good recipe on our website for some time but now I don’t make it with sugar anymore, I save the calories and use Splenda, Stevia, or Truvia.

See how to make lemonade and limeade.

Homemade Soda Pop

When my brothers and I were teenagers, my dad brought home several cases of wine bottles and a bottle capper.  The bottles were new, brown glass with long necks, and probably about 20 ounces.  There were maybe 50 of them.  We made homemade root beer and capped the bottles to hold in the carbonation.  Wherever we went, we had a cooler in the car or boat with root beer one ice.  (I wonder why no one stopped us, teenagers pulling on brown wine bottles?)

It’s easy to make homemade soda pop.  We make it in big orange coolers for family reunions, church groups, and picnics.  You can buy root beer flavoring in most grocery stores, at least around here.  (We sell a good root beer flavor but it has what tastes like just a touch of vanilla and reminds me of cream soda.)

See how to make homemade soda pop.


Strawberry Lemonade and Other Drinks

A while back we were sitting in a Chili’s restaurant, far enough back that I could see behind the bar.  It was a warm day and folks were order raspberry, strawberry and other flavored lemonades.  The waiter would fill each glass with lemonade and then add a shot of raspberry, strawberry, or other flavored syrup.  It was a quick, easy way to make strawberry lemonade.

You can do the same thing.

Pick a Torani flavored syrup and make your own refreshing beverage.


Italian Sodas and Other Beverages Made with Syrups

These syrups open a vista of summer beverages.  They are easy to make, not expensive, and little goes along ways.  Flavored lemonades and Italian Sodas may be the most popular but there are lots of options.

This is a typical Italian Soda beverage.  Use this as a starting point and explore from here.

Raspberry Cream Soda

1 cup club soda, sparkling water, or lemon lime drink

2 tablespoons Red Raspberry Torani Syrup

1/2 tablespoon Vanilla Torani Syrup

2 tablespoons cold milk


Pour the soda over the ice.  Add the other ingredients and stir.

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