How to Feed Omelets to a Crowd

Got a crowd to feed?  Consider an omelet bar.  It certainly works for your family or extended family.  It’s even practical for a family reunion.

We’ve taught omelet classes at our store—up to 40 people.  We serve them omelets.  Since some people had more than one omelet, we’re talking 50 plus omelets.  Debbie, my daughter, and I did all the cooking, serving, and entertaining.  That family reunion may not be as overwhelming as you thought.

Here’s the set-up.  The trick is to have all the ingredients cooked and staged in neat bowls and bottles of sauces lined on the counter.

  • Cook cubed chicken and sausage.
  • Sauté vegetables: red and green bell peppers, celery, mushrooms, and onion.
  • Set out several kinds of cheeses.
  • Add a row of sauces: Bruschettas, Mexican sauces, and some Asian sauces like Thai Sweet Chili and Peanut Sauce.
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If your crowd is interested, teach them how to make these omelets.  The Five Minute Omelet Method is most practical for the non-chefs in your crowd.

Make the omelets to order.  Let folks pick what they want.  When we’ve made 50 omelets or more, we’ve used four pans—one for each burner.  Two of us can keep up fine.  You can get by with two or three pans.

Most of the omelets were tame, restaurant types.  The buzz came from the unusual.  Here are some that we liked:

  • Thai Peanut Omelet: Bean sprouts, chicken, and peanuts drizzled with Thai Peanut Sauce.  Go easy on the fillings or you’ll overload the omelet.  Drizzle just a bit of the peanut sauce over the filling before folding.
  • Chicken and Cheese Omelet: Chicken, diced onions, and mozzarella drilled with Elki spreads.  If you like, you can sauté the chicken and onions and add the spreads.  Or you can let folks add a dollop of spread to their omelets.  This was always a very popular omelet.
  • Sausage and Onion Omelet: Slice an onion and caramelize it in butter.  Cook link sausages and chop them into bits.  Put both on the omelet and cover it with grated cheddar before folding.
  • Oriental Veggies and Sweet Chili Omelet: This is a simple omelet: A mixture of veggies—we used red and green bell peppers, onions, and celery—drizzled with Thai Sweet Chili sauce.  This was another favorite omelet.

If you prefer, the meats and veggies can be prepped and cooked the night before.  While the unusual omelets are a lot of fun, be sure and have plenty of meats and cheeses for those who are less adventuresome.

You have to have the right pans

They have to be the right size—an eight-inch pan for a three-egg omelet—and absolutely nonstick or the omelet won’t slide from the pan.  Don’t try to get by with other size pans; they won’t work.