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How to Fill Cupcakes and What to Fill Them With

We make a lot of cupcakes.  We make them for taste, not for show.  So they’re not hard.  And they’re nearly always filled.

You can fill your cupcakes with:
Bavarian cream and other premade pastry fillings such as lemon and cream cheese.
Ice cream
Pudding, marshmallow cream, or whipped cream.

For Bavarian Cream and Other Pastry Fillings

Use premade fillings in dispenser bags.  Just clip the corner, insert the clipped corner into the cupcake, and squeeze.  There’s no need to core the cupcakes or even cut slits.

As you squeeze filling into a cupcake, it will begin to swell and get heavier.  If you squeeze too much, cracks will start to develop around the hole.  It’s okay—you’ll cover it with frosting anyway.  After two or three cupcakes, you’ll have a sense of how much to squeeze.

See this video about filling cupcakes with pastry fillings.

For Ice Cream Filled Cupcakes

To make ice cream filled cupcakes, use a cupcake corer.  With a quick twist, the corer will cut the center from a cupcake.  Use the corer to cut a plug of ice cream from a block of ice cream.  Insert the top of the corer back into the hole in the cupcake and push the plunger to deposit the ice cream into the center of the cupcake.

You can cover the ice cream with a portion of the cake plug if you want but I never bother.  You’re going to cover everything with frosting anyway.

Put the cupcakes in the freezer to completely freeze them.  You can frost them first but then the frosting will be hard and frozen.  That’s never bothered me—a few minutes out of the freezer and the frosting will start to soften.  If you don’t like your frosting frozen, wait and frost your cupcakes after they come from the freezer.

Learn more about a cupcake corer and get one here.

For Pudding, Whipped Cream, and Marshmallow Cream

You have two ways to go: a cupcake corer or a pastry bag.  I would use a pastry bag; it’s quicker.  Equip it with a star tip or a longer narrow tip, fill the bag, stick the tip into each cupcake and squeeze.  The hole will be small and you’ll cover it with frosting.

You can use the cupcake corer just as you did with ice cream.  You’ll want to cover the filling with a piece of the cake plug.

See what you’ll need for pastry bags and tips.

Look at all the possibilities matching fillings to cakes to frostings.  It’s no wonder that we rarely make cupcakes without filling them.  You’ll do the same.

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