How to Make Cupcake Milkshakes

Cupcake shakes (1 of 1)

DennisThumbnailI watched a video hosted by a national bakery supplier about making cupcake milkshakes.  Interesting. I love ice cream with my cake.

I brought it to the staff’s attention as a potential project. They told me that I had been living under a rock; that there were restaurants in both Rexburg to the north and in Idaho Falls to the south that served cupcake milkshakes. So we bought a bunch of ice cream—we always have cupcakes—and got started.

They were easy to make. You make the milkshake and then throw a whole cupcake in the blender. The trick is not to over-process it. You want chunks of cupcakes.

Milkshakes in the Store

On Saturday, we’re serving cupcake milkshakes. We’ll make the cupcakes on Friday—several kinds, all with filling in the center. It’s okay to use cupcakes made the day before. I’m thinking chocolate cherry cupcakes, chocolate strawberry cupcakes, lemon raspberry cupcakes, and maybe some caramel apple cupcakes.

To Make the Cupcakes

Nearly all of our cupcakes are filled with pre-made pastry fillings. See how to fill cupcakes. Most are frosted with buttercream frosting, though pre-made frosting works fine.

A Recipe for Cupcake Milkshakes

For each shake:

1 1/2 cups ice cream

1/4 cup milk

1 cupcake

  1. Blend the ice cream and the milk to make the milkshake. Add vanilla if you like.
  2. Remove the paper liner and add one cupcake. Don’t cut it up beforehand.
  3. Lightly pulse the shake just until the cupcake is cut to chunks. Do not over blend.

Serve immediately.