How to Make Legendary Sugar Cookies with Flavors

Last Saturday, after we made and served thin crust white pizzas, we made cherry vanilla sugar cookies and handed them out in the store. These are not your everyday sugar cookies.

I always thought of sugar cookies as celebration cookies, cookies you made for holidays, but flavored cookies can be scrumptious every day cookies. 

Baking Sugar Cookies with Kids

Sugar cookies were a tradition at our house for holidays—Christmas, Valentines, Easter, and Halloween. I grew up with sugar cookies that were soft and sweet, plain vanilla, with sprinkles on top. Somewhere along the line, we started loading them with flavors and colors. Now they’re much more exciting and I’ll choose chocolate sugar cookies over vanilla any day.

Even the little kids love to help with sugar cookies. Let them put some of the ingredients into the bowl. Let them take turns choosing shapes and colors. Remember those little love-note heart shaped candies, the ones with a note stamped on each? We would help choose the right notes for each member of the family—and eat plenty of them in the process.

How to Add Flavors and Colors

For the cookies, add a color gel and two teaspoons of flavor. Don’t over bake the cookies; you want them soft, not crispy. The longer you bake them, the less flavor they’ll have. Heat destroys flavor.

For the frosting, start with a teaspoon of flavor and then add more until you reach the flavor you desire. Don’t go too far; too much flavor will turn bitter.

Use your imagination. We make sugar cookies in cherry vanilla, cinnamon banana, key lime, and more.

Loading up the arsenal:  What You’ll Need 

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