How to Make Pink Lemonade Floats and Other Carbonated Delights

“Do you remember what kind of ice cream you used in those pink lemonade floats you served last year?” asked the lady in the store.

Not a chance.

I remember making soda pop with frozen juice concentrates and adding ice cream to make floats.  I remember that people really liked them.

How to Make Soda Pop with Frozen Juice Concentrates

It’s fun to make homemade soda pop.  Soda pop is just carbonated punch but you can do better than that.  Try carbonating your favorite lemonade or frozen fruit
juice concentrate.

It’s easy.  Just add dry ice to your lemonade.  We buy our dry ice from the grocery store here in Rigby.  (If your grocer doesn’t carry it, he or she will know who does.)

To carbonate your lemonade, place one to two pounds dry ice for every one gallon of beverage directly into the liquid.  It is better if the dry ice is broken into several pieces.  (We use a meat hammer.)

Lightly cover your container with a lid or cover that can be easily pushed off be any pressure building in your vessel.  (We use an Igloo brand 5-gallon beverage container with a push on/off lid and push the lid only part way down.)

Allow the dry ice to dissolve to carbonate your beverage.


  • You may need to stir your beverage two or three times during carbonation.  Blocks of dry ice may freeze to the bottom of the container.
  • The beverage may freeze around a single block of dry ice and greatly slow carbonation.  It is better to have several smaller pieces of dry ice in the beverage.
  • Once carbonation is nearly complete and the dry ice dissolved, tightly close your container to retain carbonation.  If your container is nearly full and with a tight lid, your beverage will remain carbonated overnight.
  • You can add more dry ice to increase carbonation.
  • Carbonation may make your drink taste more lemony.  If your drink is too strong, add water.

Strawberry Lemonade Soda Pop

  • One 12-ounce can frozen lemonade concentrate
  • water per directions
  • strawberries (about 2 cups trimmed) to make about 1 cup puree
  • 1/2 teaspoon strawberry flavor (optional)
  • dry ice
  1. Mix the lemonade according to directions.
  2. Puree the strawberries in a blender or food processor until smooth.  Add the pureed strawberries to the lemonade.
  3. Add the dry ice and let it dissolve to carbonate your drink.  See the directions and cautions above.

Other Lemonade Soda Pops

Many popular restaurant chains have flavored lemonades on their menus.  Most are simply adding a splash of Torani syrup to plain lemonade.  So a glass of plain lemonade becomes strawberry lemonade with the addition of a bit of Torani Strawberry Syrup.  I like the pulp of the strawberries in the recipe above but a splash of syrup is quicker and easier.

How to Make Your Floats

Once your lemonade is made and carbonated, the floats are easy.  Just add a scoop of ice cream.  Vanilla of course works but you can be creative.  Lemon custard ice cream is delightful.  You can also use sherbets.

Serve these to your family or friends.  They’ll be delighted.

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