How to Make the Best Burgers in Town

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Four Steps to Incredible Burgers

1.   Use the right beef.

Use the best meat you can buy.  Make sure it is fresh and use it within 48 hours.  Use 85% lean, not super lean.  A little fat makes for a juicer burger.

2.   Make the patty right.

You want it the right size, uniform thickness, and compressed so that it holds together without being hard.  It takes a hamburger press.  A press will always make a better burger.

3.   Season it right.

Add the seasoning before cooking.  Seasoning is largely a matter of taste but most of the time we use Colorado Cattle Company Original Steak and Burger Seasoning.  At a family reunion with uncles and cousins, this was the most popular seasoning.

4.   Cook it right.

Don’t turn the meat more than once and don’t press the juice out with a spatula.  Use a meat thermometer to tell how done it is—don’t tear the patty open.


Here’s how your Burger Buddy works:

  1. Put a mound of meat on a sheet of plastic wrap or waxed paper.
  2. Push down with the press just enough to force the meat to the edges of the press.
  3. Lift up and push the center plunger to release the patty.

A uniform meat patty will drop on plastic wrap. Each patty will be four inches in diameter.  A 3/8-inch thick patty will weigh 1/4 pound.  A 1/2-inch thick patty will weigh 1/3 pound.

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