Three Ways to Keep Whipped Cream from Melting

“How do you make your whipped cream stand up like that?’  Melting is the nemesis of whipped cream.

When we serve desserts with whipped cream in our store—which is often—our guests often first mistake the whipped cream for ice cream.  Unless the dessert is warm, it’s not soft and melting.  And it lasts a long time before it gets droopy.

How do we do it?

  1. We beat it until billowy in the mixing bowl.  If you beat it too much, it will turn to butter but you can beat it more than you think you can.
  2. We refrigerate it and re-beat it when it gets soft.  You have to keep it cold—if it gets too warm, it gets greasy—but you can beat it a half dozen times.  Scrape down the sides of the bowl and beat it until it is billowy again.
  3. We use a stabilizer with almost every batch.

Three Stabilizers for Your Whipped Cream

  1. Meringue Powder.  Most of the time, we use meringue powder, usually a tablespoon of meringue powder for each cup of whipped cream.  It won’t stop it from melting but it will extend the life.  (You can add more if you wish.  If you add enough, you can use it as a frosting.) Meringue powder is made mostly with dry, pasteurized egg whites.  It’s primary use is to stabilize frosting and give it a hard shell and is an essential ingredient in royal icing, the hard decorating icing used to trim cakes.  It has a bit of vanilla flavor added but not enough that you will notice it in your whipped cream.
  2. Cream Cheese.  Much of the time, we use cream cheese, one or two ounces per two-cup batch.  You can use twice that much if you want more cream cheese flavor. To avoid little cream cheese lumps in your whipped cream, cream the cream cheese and sugar together before adding the whipping cream.
  3. Unflavored Gelatin.  I don’t doubt that this stabilizes whipped cream well but I’ve never tried it and can’t speak from experience.  Dissolve the gelatin according package instructions before adding it to your whipped cream.

For us, whipped cream is a big part of our desserts.  We love to be creative and we use flavored gourmet whipped cream often.

You went to a lot of work to make your dessert, maybe you’ve made some great flavored whipped cream like caramel whipped cream or chocolate whipped cream.  Stabilize it so that it is not melting and droopy.  Your guests will notice.

If you like, you can get a free copy of “20 Simple Recipes that Will Transform Your Desserts” with recipes for gourmet flavored whipped cream.