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Raspberry Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches with Chocolate Coating

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Cool off this summer with ice cream sandwiches!

I fell in love with ice cream sandwiches as a kid. After school and before the bus came, we would wander over to the neighborhood grocery. As I recall, I only bought two things: little fruit filled pies and ice cream sandwiches. The ice cream sandwiches were vanilla with chocolate cookie wafers. The wafers were soggy and sticky. I didn’t care.     

Today, I know that you can make much better ice cream sandwiches.


 How to Make Ice Cream Sandwiches

The first ice cream sandwiches that I made were crude affairs, a scoop of ice cream squished between two cookies. They worked. But the cookies were too hard and the ice cream not packed dense enough and the ice cream tended to squish out. They still tasted good but were a bit of a mess.  


This method works best if:


  • You don’t put two much ice cream between the cookies.
  • You squish the cookies together compressing the ice cream.
  • You choose cookies that are softer
  • You freeze the sandwiches after assembly.

Later I used sugar cookies and cut them into rectangles so they looked more like the ice cream sandwiches that I found in the stores. They were fun. It was even more difficult to compress the ice cream. Without the ice cream suppressed, it seemed to melt much more quickly.


Then I discovered the tool to make ice cream sandwiches. It makes much nicer sandwiches. It does two things:


1) It cuts the baked cookies to the right size and shape
2) It compresses the ice cream and cookies together so that you have a nice firm, hard sandwich.

Discover this ice cream tool
for yourself.


You can use any ice cream that you want. Softer cookies work best. Sugar cookies are perfect if your recipe makes softer cookies and if you under-bake them slightly. Or you can use our sugar cookie mixes.

At this time we have six including flavors like raspberry lemon and cinnamon banana. And of course, chocolate.

I’m still in love with chocolate. But banana nut ice cream paired with the banana cookies is very good also. I love raspberry cookies too. 
The mixes come with frosting packets. That’s okay. Drizzle frosting over the completed sandwiches or dip your sandwiches in the frosting to coat one end of each sandwich with frosting. 

See all our sugar cookie mixes. See what you can build. 


If you buy the ice cream sandwich tool . . . 

You don’t have to but it’s worth it. If you buy it from us, you get a free chocolate wafer cookie mix with the tool. Maybe more significantly, it comes with a parchment paper template that shows you how to roll the cookie dough to perfect dimensions so that you have no drop, no waste, and get the maximum number of cookies.


Buy the tool and mix one time and save the template and use the template over and over with other mixes or recipes.

The tool has a sharp-edged cutter for cutting cookies.  Usually, the cookies are cut after they’re baked so that they are exactly the right size to fit in the sandwich maker to be pressed together with the ice cream.  You can cut the dough before they are baked but even with sugar cookies that don’t spread much the baked cookies will need to be trimmed just a bit to fit in the tool  That’s okay; the tool will trim the edges so that the cookies fit.


How to decorate your ice cream sandwiches

Then we discovered that we could decorate ice cream sandwiches. You can frost them. The frosting becomes harder, not sticky, in the freezer. You can melt chocolate and drizzle the chocolate over your ice cream sandwiches. You can dip them. You can decorate them with sprinkles, either on top of the ice cream sandwiches or press the sprinkles into the ice cream-decorate the edges.

You’ve got another way to make cool treats for the summer. But your family will want them year-around.

How to get more like this.

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