Kitchen Notes: Oct 4th 2013

Breakfast Pizzas

We served breakfast pizza again Saturday morning.  See the recipe that we used.

See the breakfast pizza recipe with eggs, bacon, and tomato.

This is an exceptional breakfast pizza recipe.  You should print this and use it.

People loved the pizza, but they also loved the concept.  They are very simple and quick.  Once we had the eggs scrambled and the bacon cooked, we could turn out a pizza every five minutes or so.  Mix the crust in your stand-type mixer.  You don’t need to let it rise.

Over and over I heard, “I’m going to make this for breakfast tomorrow,” and “Heavens, our kids are coming over tomorrow, and we’re going to make breakfast pizzas.”

Once you make these breakfast pizzas, I think you’ll find them as important to your breakfast arsenal as omelets.

Janie’s Cupcake: Banana Cream with Chocolate Chips

Janie and her husband are dear friends and wonderful people.  She stopped by the store on Saturday to pick up what she needed for an apple cobbler.  We gave her a cupcake.  She checked out and left.

In about ten minutes she was back.  “I want to know everything that you put in that cupcake.  It was the best cupcake of my life.”

We were in a hurry and just pulled a recipe from the drawer that would go with some with banana buttercream that we found in the refrigerator.  We made the cupcakes and handed them out in the store.

I told Janie and another lady that I would email the recipe to them.  When I checked, it was exactly the Chunky Monkey Cupcake Recipe that we had published except that we had used Bavarian cream for the filling instead of mixing Bavarian cream with mashed banana to mimic a banana cream pie filling.

See the recipe for Chunky Monkey Cupcakes.

Were other folks in the store as excited?  Nearly everyone was.  These are very good cupcakes.  One lady didn’t think the Bavarian cream was quite right with a banana cupcake.  For her, she would have liked the banana cream pie filling better.  One lady didn’t care for the chocolate chips with the banana.  The cupcakes would have been very good without the chocolate chips, like banana nut ice cream.

You should make these cupcakes.  Consider the variations from these two ladies.

Dirty Cokes

Merri Ann, my wife introduced me to “Dirty Cokes.”   It’s a simple, nonalcoholic beverage—coconut and lime juice in a coke.

Merri Ann tells me that the original Dirty Cokes were made with coconut Torani syrup but she is just using a bit of coconut flavor that she gets from the store.  She has a bag of limes in the refrigerator and squeezes fresh juice for her drinks,

Yeah, and I like them too.  Give them a try.

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