More than one kind of sourdough?  See the sourdough library.

Yes, there really is a sourdough library.  There are a lot of different kinds of sourdough.  Alaskan sourdough is different than San Francisco sourdough which is different that English sourdough.  And they taste quite different.

Sourdough grows from naturally occurring yeast spores found in the air.  Different species of yeast thrive in different areas of the world.  And some brave souls have been willing to collect, label and categorize the sourdoughs made with these yeast spores.

The Puratos Group in Belgium built a new facility — the first of its kind — to house a unique collection of traditional sourdough cultures from around the world.

“Sourdough has been used for thousands of years as an active agent in the baking process but also as a key ingredient to give flavor. It is important to preserve this heritage,” stated the company chairman.  “As the world becomes more uniform, this library is to protect the diversity of sourdough,” stated the company CEO.

We love sourdough bread.  We buy dry sourdough cultures from various suppliers and add them to our bread mixes to make authentic tasting sourdough breads.  I don’t know how they produce sourdough cultures and flavors but I suspect it is much in the same way that SAF produces the yeast we use in our breads.

We think we have the best selection of sourdough bread mixes anywhere:

Some of these have more sourdough in than others.  For example, the Calabria bread has just enough sourdough to complement the sweetness of the fruit and make a terrific combination.  Some, the Heidelberg German Rye Bread and Black Russian Bread, have a combination of sourdough and rye to make authentic rustic peasant breads.

Over the next few years, look for other distinctive flavorful sourdough breads in our line-up.

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