Ramekin Recipes Ideas for Little Cakes and Individual Desserts

We sold thousands of these ramekins in January.  We heard over and over:.  “They’re pretty—what do you do with ramekins?” 

They’re handy baking cups.  Traditionally, they’re used for custards, crème brulee, and desserts.  They’re great for fancy little cakes and cobblers.  We have a recipe for a blueberry lemon crisp we were going to bake in these cups and just haven’t gotten that far.  You can convert many desserts—like cobblers and crisps—into individual desserts baked in ramekins.  Little chicken pot pies work in ramekins. 

I took a couple sets home to Merri Ann, my wife.  She immediately used them for dessert cups.  In the evening, before we watched our nearly nightly TV show, she would scoop ice cream of frozen yogurt into these colorful little cups and drizzle a desert sauce over them—ice cream sundaes.

They’re great for condiments too.

I use these for staging cups.  One of the rules of baking is to stage everything before you start.  These will hold most ingredients—chopped nuts, a couple eggs, or diced onions for that omelet.

They’re pretty, nice to have around, and a flash of color in the kitchen.  I’m glad I took them home.

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Merri Ann loves crème brulee.   She orders it at her favorite restaurant. And crème brulee is easy.

We put together this recipe collection with cinnamon, chocolate, and berry versions.

These cups showcase puddings and desserts perfectly.  (In the picture, see chocolate cream filled cupcakes with buttercream frosting.)

These are great for serving pudding. I’m partial to chocolate malt pudding.

You’ll find a thousand uses for your bright ramekins.