The Best Darned Cupcakes on the Planet

 Sticky Toffee Pudding Cupcakes

Not into cupcakes?  Check out the last recipe in this article.  Make cute little cakes that are perfect for after-dinner desserts.

We initially titled this post, “The Battle of the Sticky Toffee Cupcakes.”  We have made sticky toffee cupcakes in the past and they are darned good.  Then we found another recipe that excluded the sauce but added a caramel frosting.  Could that be better?  We set out to find out.

What we discovered was the best darned cupcakes on the planet.  At least for now, these are the reigning champs.

What is sticky toffee pudding?

Sticky Toffee Pudding is very popular in England and growing in popularity in the US.  And it should.  It’s so good, it’s addictive.

Sticky toffee pudding is a dense cake topped with a toffee sauce.  The original has dates in the cake.  We usually top it with caramel whipped cream.

We like it so much that we made it into a mix that’s as authentic as it could be, including the dates.   We chopped the dates so small that they were barely noticeable, but they add sweetness and moisture.

We also developed a series of recipes with other inclusions: bananas, plums, pineapple, and zucchini.

See these scratch recipes for Sticky Toffee Pudding.

What we did: Sticky Toffee Pudding Cupcakes

Of course we had to morph these pudding cakes into cupcakes. Then we drizzled sauce over them and added a dollop of caramel whipped cream.  Those were very, very good.

But this time, we morphed the cupcakes.

Instead of drizzling the toffee sauce over the cupcakes, we filled them with the sauce.  Then we made a fantastic caramel frosting for them.

So we had dense, fruity cupcakes filled with toffee sauce and topped with scrumptious caramel frosting.  These will blow you away.

I took some down to the store and handed them out to see if I would get a “blown away” reaction.  I did.  They wanted the recipe.  They wanted the mix.  They didn’t care; they just wanted to make them.

It’s a winner.  But try it yourself.

The New Sticky Toffee Pudding Cupcake Recipe

We used our dessert mix, our Sticky Toffee Pudding Mix, to make the cupcakes.  But you can also use one of the scratch recipes referenced above.

We filled the cupcakes with sauce using a pastry bag.  You can also use a zipper-type plastic bag and clip the corner but it doesn’t work as well as a pastry bag and a star tip.

This recipe makes 15 cupcakes.

  1. Make the cupcakes and the sauce according to package or recipe instructions.  Make sure that the toffee sauce is cooked until it is a medium thick sauce.  It thickens further as it cools to make a soft candy center in your cupcakes.
  2. Place the cooled sauce into a pastry bag with a star tip, insert the tip in the top of each cupcake, and squeeze to fill them.
  3. Make the caramel frosting.  See the recipe below.
  4. Frost the cupcakes.

Caramel Frosting Recipe

You have three choices for the caramel in this recipe:  You can make your own caramel from scratch, you can unwrap caramel candies such as Kraft and melt them, or you can use caramel ice cream topping.

We have a thick caramel ice cream topping in our store.  It’s nothing but pure caramel and it’s extraordinary.  We used a half jar to make this frosting.

8 ounces caramel heated until soft and warm
1/2 cup butter
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon caramel flavor
several tablespoons milk or whipping cream

  1. Scrape the soft caramel into the bowl of your stand-type mixer.  Making sure that the caramel is not too warm to melt the butter, add the cold butter to the caramel.  Beat the butter into the caramel.
  2. Add the powdered sugar and flavor and beat in.  Add enough milk or whipping cream to reach the right consistency.

The frosting can be spread with a knife or piped with a pastry bag.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Little Cakes

Since these cupcakes are very much dessert cakes, why not bake them as little cakes, maybe in ramekins as you would crème brulee?  We set off to do so.

We made these little cakes exactly as we did the cupcakes but used 1/2 cup ramekins.  The mix makes 12 little cakes.  Bake them for about 17 minutes.

Whether your bake these as little cakes or cupcakes, I don’t think you’ll find anything better on the planet.

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